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Мультимедиа Сабвуферы Pioneer TS-W257D2 На заказ 2175
25 см. НЧ динамик (2х2 Ом.)

Ultimate connection flexibility.

The TS-W257D2 offers you a variety of set-up possibilities (4Ω or 1Ω), provided that there is correct power matching between the subwoofer and your amplifier.

So, whether you are building your system from an existing stereo or mono amp, or whether you want a basic set-up with expandability potential, the TS-W257D2 will cover common impedance loads.

The IMPP™ (Injection Moulded Polypropylene) cone is constructed from a composite blend of interlaced Aramid fibres, which make it extremely rigid; yet lightweight, for low distortion and powerful bass at high sound press levels.

The speaker terminals have been placed on one side of the subwoofer, rather than on both sides as with conventional subs; this gives you greater installation flexibility.

The TS-W257D2 is for enclosed use and is also available as a 25cm 4 Ω dual voice coil model.

Характеристики TS-W257D2
Максимальная мощность 1.000 Вт

Номинальная мощность входного сигнала 350 Вт

Частотная характеристика 18 - 600 Гц

Чувствительность (1 В/1 м) 87 Дб

Диаметр НЧ-динамика, см 25 см

Материал, из которого изготовлен НЧ-динамик Composite IMPP™ cone using Interlaced Aramid Fibre with reinforcement arcs

Voice Coil bobbin type Phenol resin coated glass cloth bobbin

Тип магнитодержателя кольцевого типа с прямым подключением звуковой катушки к диффузору

Магнит Double-stacked

Рекомендуемый объем герметичного корпуса, л 18,4 - 35,4 litres