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Мультимедиа Mobile Media станции Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD На заказ 22090
A control hub for your mobile theatre experience.

The AVH-P4000DVD integrates perfectly into your car’s 2-DIN slot. It acts as the control centre for all your in-car entertainment needs.

The system will play your complete music and film collection. You can enjoy almost all commercially available digital entertainment formats including DivX movies; your MP3 songs, iTunes collection and of course all the standard DVD and CD formats.

Bring your digital music players in-car, too. Connect your USB music player to the rear USB-in or your iPod (for music and video) directly with our optional CD-I200 cable.

The system includes our IP Bus connection, which
means that you can truly expand your setup. Add a Bluetooth adapter (CD-BTB200), for example, to make and receive calls wirelessly via the system.

Alternatively, you can add our DEQ-P6600 digital signal processor to enjoy your movies in true 5.1 multi-channel surround sound. You can even add screens for passengers in the back.

The AVH-P4000DVD has multiple colour display options, too. Give your dashboard a more personal touch or better integrate the system with your car colour scheme. Choose from 5 colours (red, blue, amber, green and violet) to customise the display colours, or select your button colour from a choice of 113 colour variations.

Main Features AVH-P4000DVD
Maximum power output MOSFET 50 Вт х 4 канала

Встроенный AM/FM-тюнер-декодером D4Q

Эквалайзер 3-band Parametric EQ (multi-channel)

Screen 6.1-inch QVGA anti-glare touch screen

Installation type 2-DIN integrated entertainment hub

• DVD Video
• Video CD
• MP3, WMA, AAC and DivX formats

Регион 5

Full control expansion units Multi-CD, TV, Multi-DVD, DEQ-P6600, Bluetooth

Limited control expansion units DAB Tuner

Dual Button illumination Yes (red, blue, amber, green and violet for onscreen colours, and up to 113 colour combinations for button illumination)

Пульт ДУ Опциональный

Разъемы AVH-P4000DVD
iPod ready Yes

Bluetooth ready Yes

Вход/выход шины управления IP Bus Да

Aux In Yes (Front-in)

RCA preouts 2 (F+R or S/W)


Hard wired remote input Да

Direct sub drive Да

High voltage output 4V

USB control Yes

Multi-channel surround sound ready Yes

Вход для подключения камеры заднего вида Да

Screen Features AVH-P4000DVD
Выбираемые режимы широкоформатного экрана Yes

Автоматическая настройка яркости и подсветки дисплея Да

Переключение на камеру заднего вида Да

Aspect ratio 17 x 9

Effective display area 136 x 72 mm

Audio Features AVH-P4000DVD
Source Level Adjuster Да

Loudness Да

Low Pass Filer Да

High Pass Filter Да

CD Player Features AVH-P4000DVD
Цифро-аналоговый преобразователь 1-bit